PSA fluctuating during ADT treatment and after Radiation: Concerned

Posted by als @als, Sep 9 7:15am

Psa fluctuated from 0.003 ng/ml to 0.02 ng/ml within an interval of three months. Is it a matter of concern.
Appreciate any help in this matter.

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Welcome @als. Seeing your PSA fluctuate during treatment is nerve-wracking to say the least. Here are a couple of helpful related discussions that I encourage you to review:

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Fellow members like @jonbuuck @jogger01 @bruto1 @mrbill @jap57 @sanway have also had treatment with ADT and radiation and can offer their experiences.

Als, was your PSA retested to confirm the lab results?


I have a lot less experience and knowledge than a few of the veterans around here, but, just a couple quick thoughts.

Is it the same lab and same test code? I've had it happen where I go to the same lab and they use different sensitivity tests. Make sure it's an apples to apples comparison.

Secondly, my "team" all tell me that rising psa always has to be watched but when you in the very low numbers like you are, how fast it multiplies is not as concerning as it would be in the higher number levels.

and as @colleenyoung suggests, a repeat of the test may be a good idea as well.

Best of Luck to you.


Thanks for your valuable comments, today I met the oncologist who explained that since the variable reading is very low, there will be no matter to worry, unless the psa elevates to more than 0.5 ng/ml.



als, I will share my case experience for reference. 2018 diagnosis with prostate cancer. January 2019 prostatectomy surgery. Three months after surgery, PSA undetectable. However, at 6 months post surgery the PSA started rising .11, .13, .14…..Mayo has excellent imaging capability to help identify areas of prostate cancer recurrence, even at very low PSA levels….Doctors initiate 18 month regiment of Lupron to suppress the cancer, plus then initiating radiation ~6 weeks. What helped keep side effects manageable, I tried to keep physically active, walking, jogging, weights…..just had a PSA test Friday, and all still good now. Best of luck. If your care team is Mayo, you are with the best.


Very interested news, I wish you excellent health.

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