PSA after 20 Proton treatments

Posted by brentbackus @brentbackus, Jul 27, 2023

My PSA has now dropped to 1.99 after my 20 proton treatments which ended in May 2023. At the highest PSA was 10. I was diagnosed with PC back in March of 2022 with a Gleason score of 3 +4. Was it only the proton treatments or the use of my repurposed drugs and the proton treatments that dropped my PSA?

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Is that 4.9 a typo or a “bounce”?

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What do you mean by repurposed drugs.

Regarding proton radiation. Yes will reduce your PSA. Mine (after 30 treatments) went from 3.85 to 1.2 after 3 months. Then 3 months later 0.79 then just recently 0.60. Radiation attacks all cells but normal cells DNA can reproduce where cancer cells when DNA is damaged do not reproduce and die.

This is not my opinion but oncologist/radiologist as UFPTI and oncologist/radiologist at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville.

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