Proximal Interphalangeal replacement

Posted by jessiel @jessiel, Jan 22 10:16pm

Dec 28, 2022 I had a replacement. The burning in the incision is horrible, any tips? I am in OT and wearing a brace on the finger to protect it.

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Hello @jessiel, Welcome to Connect. Hoping since it's still pretty early in your recovery process that the pain will get less and less as you recover. From what I've read it's really important to keep the hand elevated. While we wait for members with experience to share, here are some suggestions I found that you might find helpful if your care team didn't send you home with something similar.

— After Your PIP Joint Replacement Surgery — Self-care and follow-up:
Did they send you home with any pain medications or have you tried any over the counter meds to help with the pain?

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