Proximal hamstring tear at sits bone

Posted by patty917 @patty917, Apr 19 2:37pm

Hi..I had lthr September 2020. Right hip was replaced april 2022 and Right knee in September 2022. I rode recumbent bike to help with Right knee rom as it helped with my left knee when replaced in 2015.

I went back to teaching indoor cycle classes in December a few times per week. I continued to use recumbent bike as an alternative. At times it was uncomfortable in my glutes.

In January I began having sharp, burning, shooting pain upon sitting. On January 30th I saw a large bruise on the outside of my right leg. I didn't think much of it at the time however the pain in glute became worse. I requested a MRI in March.

Results were partial tear proximal hamstring at the ischial tuberosity

I didn't have an acute injury/event to cause this. My question.. could this be related to my hip replacement. I also have been diagnosed with RA, however they are questioning Psoriatic arthritis now.

I still have pain when sitting and certain movements.

It was decided to take a conservative approach…no PT, no strength training or stretching of hamstring and glute.

I am looking for possible causes and how can I get this resolved

Thank you.

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