Prostate concerns high PSA numbers

Posted by rpeecher @rpeecher, Mar 31 4:55pm

PSA numbers 1/20/22 3.47 PSA
1/6/23 5.21 PSA
1/30/23 5.59 PSA
Had office exam, large prostate.
Had MRI and results below:

Prostate gland dimensions: 4.6 x 3.5 x 3.8 cm
Prostate volume:32.0 mL
PSA density: 0.17
There is moderate hypertrophy of the transition zone with mild hypertrophy of the median lobe.

Lesion 1-PI-RADS 4
Focal T2 hypointense signal in the left anterior peripheral zone at base measuring 0.7 cm at the transition zone junction (7:16) with significant diffusion restriction and early preferential postcontrast enhancement.

Lesion 2-PI-RADS 4
Somewhat linear T2 hypointense signal in the left posterior lateral peripheral zone at apex with moderate diffusion restriction and minimal preferential postcontrast early arterial enhancement (9:17) measuring 0.6 cm.

Lesion 3-PI-RADS 3
Mild T2 hypointense somewhat wedge-shaped signal in the left posterior medial peripheral zone at base to mid gland with mild obstruction, without significant postcontrast enhancement measuring approximately 0.7 cm.

Additional scattered linear and wedge-shaped T2 hypointense signal foci within the bilateral peripheral zones do not demonstrate diffusion restriction and are likely inflammatory in etiology. (PI-RADS 2).

Scheduled for a transrectal biopsy, since Kaiser (carrier in Oregon) does not do transperineally biopsy.

Any input on my numbers or if this is the correct direction to go? I'm at a lost

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It is good to hear that you are getting good care. My opinion was based in part by the cancer care that my sister got, Different offices and different practitioners behave differently.


OHSU Knight Cancer Institute consultation, maybe. In my opinion, they're the best biopsy shop in town.

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