Prostate cancer-related abbreviations: What acronym would you add?

There are so many acronyms related to prostate cancer. When newly diagnosed these can be overwhelming and frustrating. As you become more familiar with the diagnosis, consult with the medical team, read reports, BAM! you start throwing around the acronyms like the best of them.

To help newbies, several of you suggested creating a glossary. Let's get it started. Here are the abbreviations most commonly used in the group:

Updated May 7, 2024

ADT = androgen deprivation therapy
AR = Androgen Receptor
ARSI = Androgen Receptor Signalling Inhibitor
AS = active surveillance
AUS = artificial urinary sphincter
BCR = Biochemical Recurrence - elevated PSA after treatment followed by undetectable test
BMD = bone mineral density
BMI = body mass index
BPH = benign prostatic hyperplasia or hypertrophy
BRACHY = brachytherapy
BRFS = Biochemical Recurrence Free Survival
BS = bone scan
BX = biopsy
Ca = cancer
CAT SCAN = computerized axial tomography; same as CT scan
CBC = complete blood count
CEA = carcinoembryonic antigen
CGA = chromogranin A
CHEMO = chemotherapy
CMP = Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
CRPC = Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer
CSS - Cancer-Specific Survival
CT SCAN = computerized tomography; also known as CAT scan or CT scan
DART = dynamic adaptive radiation therapy
DMFS = Distant Metastasis-Free Survival
DOM = doctor of oncological medicine
DRE = digital rectal examination
Dx = diagnosis
EBRT = external beam radiation therapy
ED = erectile dysfunction
FLA = focal laser ablation
GS = Gleason score
Gy = Gray, the unit of absorbed does of radiation
HDR = high dose rate; as in HDR brachytherapy
HIFU = high intensity focused ultrasound
HR = Hazard Ratio
HSPC = Castrate Sensitive Prostate Cancer
IGRT = image-guided radiation therapy
IMRT = intensity-modulated radiation therapy
IOTN = Immuno-Oncology Translation Network
LDR = low dose rate; as in LDR brachytherapy
LHRH = luteinizing hormone releasing hormone
M0 = No Distant Metastasis
M1 = Distant Metastasis
mCRPC - metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer
Mets = metastasis; cancer that has spread to other places in the body
mHSPC = Metastatic Castrate Sensitive Prostate Cancer
MO = medical oncologist
mpMRI = Multi-Parametric MRI
MRI = magnetic resonance imaging
Mx = metastasis
N0-N3 = status of cancer in the lymph nodes; subset of staging
NCCN = National Comprehensive Cancer Network
NCI = National Cancer Institute, USA
NIH = National Institutes of Health, USA
nmCRPC = nonmetastatic castration resistant prostate cancer
ONCO = oncologist
OS = Overall Survival
PBRT = proton beam radiation therapy
PC = prostate cancer
PCa = prostate cancer
PCP = Primary Care Physician
PET = Positron Emission Tomography
PI-RADS = prostate imaging-recording and data system; used in assessment and evaluation of MRI scans for risk of prostate cancer
PLND = Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection
PNI = Perineural Invasion
PSA = prostate specific antigen
PSADT = PSA Doubling Time
PSMA = prostate specific membrane antigen
PT = Physical Therapist
QOL = quality of life
RALP = robot-assisted laproscopic prostatectomy; similar to LRP but with “robotic” assistance
RCT = Randomized Clinical Trial
RO = radiation oncologist
RP = radical prostatectomy
RT = radiation therapy; also: right side
SBRT = stereotactic body radiation therapy
SE = side effects
SRT = Salvage Radiation Treatment 
SUV = Standardized uptake value.
Sx = symptom
TPUS =Transperineal Ultrasound biopsy
TRT = testosterone replacement therapy
TRUS = transrectal ultrasound
TURP or TUR/P = transurethral resection of the prostate
TX = treatment
US = ultrasound
UTI = urinary track infection
VMAT = Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy, a form of IMRT
WBC = white blood cell count

When you use or see an abbreviation in a discussion, please spell it out for others who may be new. If you don't know, ask.

What abbreviations or acronyms would like like me to add to the list?

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An error I made: RCT should be Randomized Controlled Trial, not Randomized Clinical Trial.

I would think Side Effects should be abbreviated as SEs, not Ses.

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Thanks, Russ. Corrected.


What about SRT for Salvage Radiation Treatment after a RP to distinguish from EBRT for initial treatment


What about SRT for Salvage Radiation Treatment after a RP to distinguish from EBRT for initial treatment

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Good catch, @gkm. I was surprised to see that SRT wasn't included.


Hi Colleen, I didn't see PNI listed for Perineural Invasion.


One that I would like to see more often is Immuno-Oncology Translation Network (IOTN). And you might as well add mCRPC for metastic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer.


Thanks, @hector13 and @mark47. Added.

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Colleen, I've come to appreciate your voice and guidance on this site. You have been very helpful, encouraging, and calming.

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