Prostate cancer treated with Leuprolide

Posted by donnelson @donnelson, May 25, 2016

I had 43 days of prostate cancer radiation about 5-6 years ago. My PSA becgan to rise in summer of 2014. Suddenly it went from 5 to 20 in 4 months, only to drop a bit the next week. My doctor suggets Leuprolide which is administered every 6 months by a shot. I’ve read many bad side affects(swelling of feel and legs, visual changes, hot flashes and generally lower testrosterone levels). Have others had this problem? I’m wondering if I should wait a month and have the PSA drawn again?.

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I have been taking Lupron for a year now following Focal Laser Ablation treatment. Concurrent to this I also followed the Rick Simpson Oil Treatment protocol for 90 days (phoenix tears marajuana oil). I have had sweats, achey joints but my PSA has been consisiently very low at .1 and .2. I have decide not to use radiation as the risks are very high in my case to cause urinary and colon problems. I found the Lupron therapy to be tolerable although there is a loss of strength and sexual activity is out the window. However I sleep through the night , no penis burning, no urgency actually have not felt this well in a long time. I focused my treatment options based on quality of life as opposed to killing the cancer. I am 72 and should I live another good health 10 years even though I have cancer I would feel blessed and who knows what technology advances will be made in the next 10 years. WE all have a different approach and there are many treatment options.My choice was based on a least risk approach to quality of life.


I have been on Lupron now for a year the side affects i experience are hot flashes, low testo, tired. sore joints ocassionally however my PSA dropped to .1 and .2 and has been consistently at that metric. You kind of get accustomed to it and its all manageable.


me too. I finished chemo on July 11 but have been on Eligard/Lupron since March. The hot flashes and fatigue, lack of sex drive, and fatigue are a small price to pay for avoiding the return of cancer, hopefully.

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