Prolo Therapy

Posted by goetf4997 @goetf4997, Sep 24, 2018

I have had worsening numbness which started about 6 years ago. My buttocks, legs and feet are numb and feet painful at times.
My question is, Has anyone had/undergone Prolotherapy treatments to reduce or eliminate the numbness? If you have please share the results with the group and where the treatments were administered.
Thank You

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Hi Fred @goetf4997 — I don't know much about prolotherapy for neuropathy but did find an article from 2014 but it wasn't very hopeful. I've found a protocol of supplements that I believe have stopped the progression of the numbness from my PN but have not eliminated it. I don't have the pain with my PN and my neurologist told me there is nothing available that addresses the numbness. They can only address the pain associated with the neuropathy using drugs mostly.

Sugar Coated Nerves: The Pseudo-Science of Neural Prolotherapy

If anyone has had success with prolotherapy, I'm hoping you can let us all know the details.


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