Posted by Nildy @npolanco, Feb 3 7:02am

Dr wants for me to start Prolia. I have been researching. Would like to know if anyone in this group is taking. Worry about side effects.


Do you have to take a vacation from prolia? Is that why you went off? Did you take prescription medicine while off during the two years off? Thanks so much!

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I am on Prolia. You really cannot take a vacation from Prolia. Amgen, Prolia pharma company, in the information provided to the patient tells you that stopping Prolia can lead to fractures of the spine. Should you wish to stop Prolia, you must start another osteoporosis medication as a "relay" drug in order to prevent fracturing.(e.g. one of the bisphosphonates). Your doctor will tell you this in advance of starting the drug. The information is found on-line as well.

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