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Problem no one can figure out!

Posted by @degage, Nov 30, 2012

I am here to hopefully get some insight for my husband, who has been off work since the end of July due to a health issue we still can’t figure out. We are considering taking the next step and having our primary care physician refer us to the Mayo Clinic. His symptoms: fatigue, pressure at base of skull/upper neck, off balance sensation (no spinning – just off balance), stress makes it worse, visual stimulation (people walking by, traffic) makes him feel worse, mood swings, can’t think or get words out at times, feels mentally slow, can’t concentrate, eyes water when he feels bad, ears feel like they are draining all the time, feels worse as the day goes on. He has had an MRI with contrast and CT scan and they came back normal. He has had inner ear testing and was ruled out (no inner ear issues supposedly), has done vesitbular rehabilitiation, has been on prednisone, Relefan (neurologist had theory he had some inflammation somewhere causing his brain to receive mixed signals but that didn’t pan out). Our neurologist now thinks there is a disconnect between his equilibrium and his brain and has prescribed a new medication that is supposed to help his brain from being overstimulated. We are at a loss – we have a 22 month old that he can’t roll around and play with on the floor and is on disability. He has no quality of life at the age of 39. If you have any experience in similar symptoms and have determined the issue, please share! We are at a loss!!

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Posted by @ericsan, Dec 3, 2012

Could it be a parasitic infection? I’m not a doctor but I know that sometimes parasitic infections have strange symptoms that are misinterpreted as other conditions or go undiagnosed. Has he had a spinal tap or did the doctor think it was unnecessary?


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Posted by @degage, Dec 4, 2012

Parasitic infection hasn’t been mentioned and no, a spinal tap hasn’t either. They are going to do an eeg. Thank you for the ideas! We will pass along to our doctor!


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Posted by @lisamo, Dec 8, 2012

I had fatigue and facial pain that couldn’t be explained. Head CT and ENT work up were negative. Neurologist prescribed antidepressat and neurontin and it worked.


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Posted by @wilkins905, Dec 10, 2012



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Posted by @anon88375104, Feb 19, 2013

This is the first time in a year that I have heard anyone describe the same symptoms I am having. I woke up one year ago in someone else’s body. Have been to more than a dozen doctors and had countless tests and still don’t have a diagnosis other than a vestibular problem for which I am currently undergoing vestibular rehab. But they haven’t been able to explain the constant ear ringing, pressure in my head, distorted vision and sensory system problems. I am constantly off balance and all of this together has made me pretty much non functional. Just like you and your husband, I am desperate for answers. I have taken to all kinds of alternative treatments and it has been suggested that it may be caused by a virus or toxins although we still haven’t found anything. Mayo has checked me out and so far they think it’s caused by severe stress. Although I respect their opinion I still can’t help but think it’s something physical. Good luck to you both and if you ever learn what it is, please let me know. Thanks!

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