Probiotic dosage for Inflammatory bowel disease

Posted by laurar @laurar, May 2 7:02pm

New here!
I wanted to get some ideas of what kind of doses of Probiotics others are taking.
Would like to know what's actually working for you and what to avoid! ..and of certain strains or brands that are preferred to get the best results.
160lb female

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I was told daily activia / yogurt. .. that is has the best strains in it. Luckily it worked for my husband but yet I know many since it containes dairy they can’t eat.
There is no scientific data per Monash the leading institute on IBS test that says probiotics are helpful. For many it contains bacteria when we already have enough in the gut .. so try it as my dr says
There are some pill form that are active / refrigerated and some feel works better.

The more expensive pill forms are usually the better.


It's been awhile since I had to blast my guts so I don't remember all of the details. Sorry. BUT it did work! I really had to persevere for about a month- 6 weeks to see any results at all, but eventually the pills did work. Now, a few years later, I feel "cured" of IBS. (Hope I didn't jinx myself there)
My Gastro Doc told me to use pill forms and follow the package directions:
1. IBGuard- which I now call "peppermint re-set" haha
2. a name-brand, expensive OTC probiotic (sorry, I cannot remember the name)

The key for me was to stick with it, even when it didn't seem to be doing much to improve my guts.

Greek yogurt makes me worse, oddly.

Good luck! 🙂


Greek yogurt is a good product but perhaps be tested for allergies? I found that I was "sensitive" to dairy and so now I buy a Coconut Yogurt with probiotic instilled in the product.


I eat a bowl of oatmeal, an individual carton of Activia yogurt, and take one Member's Mark (Sam's Club) probiotic capsule every morning for breakfast. I also mix a serving size of psyllium in the yogurt before I eat it. I had IBS for many years, but flare-ups of IBS have decreased dramatically for me since starting this regimen over five years ago. This might not work for everyone, but it has been a game-changer for me.

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