Predominant side of muscle shift after 4+ years past TKR

Posted by ellerbracke @ellerbracke, May 5, 2023

Not sure this was ever mentioned as a side effect of TKR. I’m right-handed, so my dominant side usually has the more pronounced muscles, more strength, as expected. Toward the end of very successful rehab, with lots of specific exercises, I noticed that my right post surgery calf simply won’t grow. Works fine. Mentioned to PT person, said give it time. Gave it time. Almost 5 years. Still 20% less then left calf. And - also - it seems to go in tandem. Now, left bisceps, left arm in general, has more muscles, and more strength than my dominant side. I use/ stress them equally, so there should not be any shrinkage. Anyone else saw this odd reversal of dominance after major surgery?

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