Posterior pain 9 weeks after total knee replacement surgery

Posted by pgcdds @pgcdds, Sep 4, 2021

Does anyone else feel a “ stabbing “ pain in the back of their knee when flexing it with slight resistance ? For example, when trying to rise from a chair and you bring your feet close to the chair’s base to stand up or just even standing and you flex your leg by raising your foot behind yourself ?

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I had a similar pain that I experienced two weeks post-op. I was doing range of motion exercises when I felt a pop behind my knee and an immediate, intense pain. It was diagnosed by Urgent Care as a hamstring strain. I was told to rest, ice, and elevate. X-rays showed no damage to the bones or the device. My surgeon told me to stop stretching my knee for two weeks to let the hamstring heal. My physical therapist advised using heat on the back of my leg to help the hamstring heal faster. I am 6 weeks post-op now and I can ride my bicycle without the stabbing pain. My range of motion is about 117 degrees. I am still aware that the stabbing pain will return if I try certain movements such as flexing my knee under the bed covers but it is getting better all the time. I hope you find the success that I did. It's a slow process. Best of luck.


Thanks for your input. Best of luck to you too.

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