Posterior Cervical Laminectomy with fusion

Posted by awood9 @awood9, Feb 14 8:42am

I am having surgery in April. Very anxious about it. Curious if anyone has had the surgery and can tell how long took them to recover and if range of motion was affected. How long to be out of work.

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Hello awood,

I had a C4-C6 laminoplasty in Aug 2022 for Cervical myelopathy. I belong to a really good FB support group for people with cervical myelopathy (myelopathy.orgsupportgroup) — many there would offer you input on their experiences with laminectomies. Good luck and let me if ùi can be of any assistance in your search for information.


@awood9 Hello and welcome to Connect. I think you will get a lot of varied answers because we are all different and heal at different rates. Fusion will affect range of motion because it stops movement of the fused levels. It depends on what you do for a living in how long it takes to return to work. That is a question for your surgeon.



Jenifer is exactly right. While it's interesting input to read what others have experienced - those experiences won't reveal exactly what you will experience. There are too many variables from person-to-person and surgery-to-surgery.

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