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Posted by ktgirl @ktgirl, May 27, 2021

I had surgery May 7 on my elbow to remove loose bodies etc. I've had a sore throat for over two weeks now. I saw my primary care doctor and it's not strep throat or Covid. She said I had some post nasal drip. She prescribed Claritin. I've taken that for three days and it's still sore. The surgeons said it's not likely from the surgery. They said you can have a sore throat from the tube in your throat but that would only be for a couple days. I have Sjögren's syndrome and scleroderma along with RA and. Osteoarthritis. With the Sjögren's it's hard to gargle with salt water because it makes my mouth and throat even more dry. I'm hoping someone here would have some insights. Thanks

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@ktgirl Hi I happened upon your post and thought I would comment on some things i found to give me a sore throat.
I had a major surgery of a heart transplant which I also had a breathing tube. Now I ended up having a sore throat and found out my vocal cords were damaged during the surgery. They did do what's called a swallow test and did find an issue that since has solved itself.

The other area I'll mention is sleep apnea which if you have it you have a tendency to snore which as my wife tells me when I snore real bad I almost always have a sore throat.

And a third area to investigate is acid reflux which can be diagnosed with a scope test and there is medicine for that. So of the 3 areas the first two is usually in the upper throat where reflux almost feels like a heart issue hence why it's called heartburn. So maybe one of those areas you could ask your Doctor about. As for a home remedy I always enjoyed ice cream or a glass of milk can have a soothing effect. As for the few days verses a couple of weeks my sore throat from surgery was a lot longer that a few weeks. I hope that helps.
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@ktgirl I agree with what @danab says but I’ll add a few suggestions. Avoid all hot liquids! That means coffee and tea and soups. Your throat needs a good rest. Also avoid hot and/or spicy foods. You might ask your doctor about a viscous lidocaine mouthwash. You shouldn’t need to gargle with it, just slowly swallow it. Some you can get without a prescription. Be sure to let us know if it helps! Becky



I would like to add that, if you are having trouble talking (it hurts or feels worse) then speak as little as possible. Above all, don’t whisper as this puts more of a strain on the vocal cords. I regurgitated during a routine colonoscopy several years ago and did all of the wrong things until I had to see my ENT and undergo speech therapy for months. While not the same as having a tube inserted, several ENTs stated that limiting speaking and not whispering were the most important along with all the good suggestions here. Baby your throat, it will return to normal in time.

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