Post Prostate Biopsy Symptoms (Blood in semen)

Posted by tinker @tinker, Mar 16, 2021

I couldn't find an existing thread on this topic, but I wanted to share what I'm seeing so far, and compare with other's results.

I'm 58 years old. After discovering a 5+ PSA result in a routine adult physical, I was scheduled for and received both a MRI, and a Transperineal biopsy. In my case, they took 16 samples. I do not yet have the pathology results.

I was told there could possibly be some blood in my urine, but to watch for clotting, etc and large amounts. I was also told there would likely be some blood in my ejaculate, tapering off over time. I understand the amount of blood can be influenced by number and location of samples.

I was not prepared for what happened though. Four days after the biopsy, and to my horror, I found my expectations were way underestimated. It was not "streaks or spots" of blood, nor was it red-tinted. It looked to be pure blood. The volume was probably double what I would have expected. Hoping that the next day would be more normal, I again tested the waters.. It was nearly as bad, however, the color seemed to be a cross between pure blood and fresh motor oil.

I've got a message into my care team, and I'm awaiting a response while I also await pathology. I'm a bit nervous.

Has this been other's experience? If it is common, why understate it in the publications I was provided?

I have not noticed blood in my urine, however, it tends to be dark-ish as I tend to under-hydrate.

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I was briefed this would most likely happened so was not surprised when it happened. I checked with my urologist afterward and again told was very common and would go away. I had been told could look like some blood clots, and or blood. Had my biopsies done at Mayo Jacksonville.

Don't want to sound negative but your urologist (assumed he/she did biopsies) should have briefed you on this. If I was not briefed prior to expect this I think I too would have freak out. It is why patients need to be thoroughly briefed on what to expect from tests and procedures done. It is not something (additional stress) you needed to worry about as is common and expected and that information should have been given to you!

I am not sure what treatment you will have but if you have radiation expect some rectal bleeding in future as rectum heals from radiation. A quite common and expected side affect of radiation.


Did you consider the possibility that the blood was coming from hemorrhoids? My procedure also caused my internal hemorrhoids to flare up and bleed a lot for a few days.
I also have a running check off list for the doc. Otherwise, he may say something that gets in my head quickly and I forget everything from there on.


A year ago, I had my first biopsy. After a few days, I got horny and pleasured myself. Just like everyone else, I got a shockingly disturbing visual of blood. MY DOCTOR NEVER MENTIONED this apparent side effect. I can only imagine the HORROR had I been intimate with my wife instead, (insert your preferred scenario).
I regained my composure after nearly passing out and got online to figure out what's up. I was happy to see that it was common and no need to worry. It cleared up a few weeks (or a few performances) later.

So now I just had another biopsy and MY QUESTION is: Is the clearing up process a "TIME" factor (3-4 weeks) or a "FLUSHING" factor (3-4 ejaculations) or both? I want to know if I go a month without sex, then will I have a clean (or almost clean) ejaculate? Will my body absorb, filter and clean my seman? Or will I still have to flush it out either way?

Seriously, this needs to be studied, graphed, published and mandatory for doctors to thoroughly explain the bloody expectations.

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Yes it's a common side effect. It goes away. Mine only lasted a week and I had 17 samples. No need to abstain.

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