post meno, many tiny complex ovarian cysts with 10mm uterine lining

Posted by catz @catz, Apr 8, 2023

This sounds terrible to me. Ob pulled blood yesterday for all ovarian cancer markers. Thoughts?

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@catz Is this information from your pathology report? It can be frightening to read a pathology report as there can be almost too information. Have you talked with your doctor about this?


Thank you for getting back, I means a lot. The information from a conversation and my official letter of that conversation. No labs yet other than ultra sound. I am in the beginning of menopause. (50) and have no risks for uterine cancer. She is confused and not sure what to make of the "many tiny complex bilateral ovary cysts". I have no medical condition and had two live birth one at 36 and a late arrival at 43 years old. I realize no one has answers but Dr Google is only giving me terrible news or very rare disorders some ominous others not so ominous. I just fishing to see if anyone has any clues. I feel like I am in a medical cascade or some anomaly. I think having the two very concerning findings is worrisome. My only symptom that sent me in to the ob was a tiny bit of brown discharge once about 4 weeks ago. Also looking back a loss for menopause symptoms mainly hot-flashes disappeared. I have a feeling some people may not have even noticed the spot. Labs will be about a week for the blood work. (CA125 and OVA1 plus some others) Depending on that she was thinking to do the d and c to check the uterine lining. I appreciate the Mayo. I am a registered patient in Rochester. I am seen there for my breast cancer screenings. I know I would have any surgeries there. So I do feel lucky for that. Just fishing for ideas there are a ton of smart people on this forum.
Than You


I would recommend having the Dr. order your blood work asap and not waiting even one week. I have uterine CA.

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