Post Mastectomy Concern

Posted by lisaok @lisaok, Aug 17 11:07pm

I am 6 days post surgery. I had a mastectomy of the right breast and am healing with the Prevena Restor system (purple patch). I noticed a small 1/2 inch blister within the purple patch where some bloody discharge is collecting. Is this normal or should I be concerned?

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You should call your doctor and team to verify.
Infections can happen quickly.
Heal and recover well wishing the best pathology results from your surgery!


Yes, please notify your physician(s) immediately. Email or text the photos as well. It's likely nothing serious but don't take a chance and ignore it…


I never heard of Purple. Ask dr. about Hyperbaric oxygen. I had a blk patent leather scab over breast – I could almost watch necrosis heal. Healed fast. Athletes use to heal FAST.


I had a single mastectomy with a purple prevena healing bandage that was removed after one week. I noticed a slight swelling at the midline around the incision that now two weeks later seems to have enlarged to a soft, 3 inch, bump. There is also swelling under and above my armpit following a sentinel node biopsy. No lymphedema evaluation or exercises for several weeks as ordered. I am considering a lymphedema massage and wondered if others have used this therapy or would recommend something else for healing. Let’s just say the scar does not look like I expected so any advice is welcomed.


@lisaok, any update? Did you see your surgeon and get this looked after?

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