Post Laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder and umbilical hernia

Posted by AmericanPatriot @USA @tennisgolf, Jul 18, 2019

Just had surgery 3 weeks ago. I am a healthy 70-year old female. I have felt fine throughout; however I have this tiny pain every day, but not all day. What I am imagining is that a staple inside the area is pricking the area. This is only a thought and I cannot quite describe it. When I press around the belly button it does not feel worse, but there is some hardness to the tissue. Could this be stitches healing? It is only in one spot. I called the nurse and she was quite dismissive saying: “you cannot call about every little thing; you are still healing; you should not play golf and a racquet sport (but the surgeon said I could – I have not played these sports yet but I do work out in the gym); I told her the surgeon said I had a little redness irritation around the navel but she said he did not put it in his notes !!” – Well, he is the one who brought it to my attention !? The concern is that this little “pin prick” feeling does not get better – it stays the same. The surgery report says I have Tycron stitches. I guess I should demand to see the surgeon or go for a second opinion or get an X-ray? (I have asked questions throughout, as that is my M.O.).

Thanks to YOU ALL for your comments!! Helpful and comforting. I did finally see my surgeon for the second post op on 7/19/19. Surgery was 6/26. I talked to him about staples and he said he uses clips. As I mentioned prior, I said to him the Pathology report mentioned staples in the duct – they may have been used to close off the (bile? or cystic?) duct when they removed gallbladder so bile did not spill – someone suggested something like that – I am not at home, so do not have my notes.) I tried to point to where I felt this little area of pain. But he said "You are doing fine."
He did not really press anywhere or seemed concerned about what I felt. I think he is wrong when he says "It is OK to play golf and my racquet sport." But I thought, well why not – surgeon said several times to go for it. Well, it did not work. I felt the pain get a little worse. I am interested in info on stitches/scar tissue/adhesions. Perhaps that is the culprit. Wonder why he never mentioned that? However, the feeling never changes. It is the same every day. I would say I can duplicate it by doing a "mild situp from a prone position on the floor". It is sore. This is not gut-wrenching pain. On the other hand, it does not feel good(!) I personally believe I tend toward a high pain threshhold (?) – so I have to factor that in. I am going to a hospital library tomorrow and work with them on researching "complications" post surgery. I do realize others have more pressing issues than I. But I try to maximize whatever I do – my goal is to be as good and healthy as one can be. You know, I just thought of something. I have had 2 prior major abdominal surgeries – 35 and 29 years ago. One was oopherectomy/hysterectomy after which I insisted on doing ERT for about 10 years. Maybe that is WHY I had gallstones because I read that Estrogen can cause them. I had read that scar tissue from priors can be an issue with GB surgery. He never addressed this. Maybe that is the problem – I just do not know. Regards to all and best of health to you.


@Tennisandgolf Follow your instincts ~ if it hurts more, back off. But don't stop moving as that will speed healing and reduce adhesion issues. Just go slowly…maybe just practice putting or hit a few balls at a driving range. Then build up to 9 holes, etc. It has been less than four weeks and even though it's small incisions, it's still a major surgery and you need to give it time to heal. I was 30 when I had mine and I think I took longer than you have! Glad there is no sign of infection!

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