Post colon resection abdominal hernia

Posted by lucy155 @lucy155, Oct 26, 2023

I had a sigmoid colon resection 10 months ago and now have an abdominal hernia at the incision site. It is making the area around my naval protrude two inches. I went to my colon surgeon and he said he would repair it with mesh laparoscopically when I was ready. He warned of the hernia possibilities of waiting too long. I had three surgeries last in the past year. How urgent is repairing a hernia with the possibility of intestines continuing to protrude through the hernia opening? Should I have my colon do surgeon do the repair or go to a general surgeon who specializes in hernia repair?

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Thanks for the offer. I’d be happy to hear about the issues you had, so that I can be better prepared rather than surprised. I’m sure you’ve also got some tips & tricks based on your experience too. If you don’t mind taking the time xo

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I got almost all my tips here on this site. (I also did a lot of reading online for what to expect after a lower anterior resection reversal.)
This is the post where I asked for help and suggestions, you should be able to go to it and read the responses. @catherine1290 was amazingly helpful!

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