Post Cholesectomy Syndrome or is it EPI

Posted by queenofsting49 @queenofsting49, Oct 17, 2023

In November 9, 2022 I went to the ED for RUQ pain. The ED told me I was passing gallstones. I wasn't. I had cholestasis not cholestitis. They removed my gallbladder and ever since then I have not been able to eat. I sip on juice. The Brat Diet does not work. The Fod Map diet does not work nor do otc anti diarrheal meds. I have diarrhea so much that trying to replenish my vital fluids is too hard. I have been in and out of the ED for dehydration and low potassium. Their of no help to me they say it's chronic, viral etc. I don't believe that. So is it Post Cholesectomy Syndrome or Endocrine Pancreatitis insuffiency? Sorry bout the spelling.

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Welcome to Mayo Connect!
You are not alone having problems after gallbladder surgery.
Since you have had serious problem with diarrhea and finding foods that agree with you I think you should find a Gastroenterologist who can evaluate your problems better. We usually recommend other members to find a University Medical Center and contact their Gastroenterology department.
Let’s hope other members with similar problems will respond to your post.


That I do know and thank you. I was in ED last night till 2 am and they keep telling me everything is fine all test are fine. But in yet I had diarrhea 16x Monday and 13x Tuesday. I have been through the ringer trying to find a better GI they have also told me the same. I have been to several University Medical Centers. My Husband says I am a medical mystery. My PCP is having me go to a food allergy center, but that appt. is not until January 2024. My GI is a NP the GI doctor I had left the group. They also had the nerve to ask me if I smoke weed! Hell no! They also blame my weight am only 260lbs. I just want them to stop this madness so I can stop going to the ED. Thanks 4 listening. I wish they would open a Mayo Clinic in my area.

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