Popping in spine

Posted by sbtheplumber1 @sbtheplumber1, Mar 6 8:49pm

It’s been 11 months since my L4-S1 fusion due to L5 being loose my back pops especially when doing pelvic tilts. I was told they do that all the time. I was setting on an exercise ball gently bouncing and the pain I felt the night before got worse and not letting up. The therapist says no it’s not normal, any actual patients have any input since the surgeon won’t listen. Last 3 visits he’s not got me out of the wheelchair because I can’t walk that far and actually looked at my back. I had someone come behind me while sitting 3 weeks after my surgery and place their hands on my shoulders and twist me. Has anyone suffered from hardware breaking? Or a disc slipping ?

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Good morning. I've had both lumbar and cervical fusions ++ though I understand your question about lumbar fusions. I remember vividly what my neurosurgeon said to me the morning after my four-level cervical discectomy and fusion. I was super concerned about the strength of the new hardware. The surgeon smiled and explained that with the hardware in place, my spine in that area was now stronger (just hours after surgery) than immediately before surgery.

Rather than sitting and worrying about it, have you had a recent X-ray which could show any hardware changes?


Last MRI was January 5 , I had L3-L4 fusion in 2002 and had to have the hardware removed a year later but it wasn’t this bad.


I went and got in a therapy pool today barely able to stand up, after being in the water I was able To stand then climbing the steps to get out right back to where I was bent over and hurting. The pelvic tilts i discussed earlier on my spine was still popping , then doing a straight leg raise the right side kept popping but the left side didn’t . Has anyone had broken hardware or a disc slip after a fusion ? Or anyone with similar situations ?

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