Poorly Differentiated Thyroid Cancer: What tests check for metastasis?

Posted by tdara @tdara, Nov 11 2:34pm

I have been diagnosed with poorly differentiated thyroid cancer. I had a thyroidectomy and have started levothyroxine.
I will be going to oncologist at Mayo, wondering which scans or test are required next for possible metastasis.

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Hi @tdara, welcome. I'm tagging @jessea, who was also diagnosed with poorly differentiated thyroid cancer.

I found this journal paper about poorly differentiated thyroid cancer. Scroll to the section called "Medical Imaging" for a list of tests that help.
– Poorly differentiated thyroid carcinoma: a clinician’s perspective https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9010806/

I'm glad that you are going to Mayo Clinic. You will be in good hands with access to top-notch diagnostic tools and tests. When is your first visit? Do you have questions about going to Mayo?

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