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william bailey

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polymyalgia rheumatica

Posted by @williambailey, Oct 10, 2011

I’ve suffered with this disease for over 5 years. 5 mg of prednisone daily usually is sufficient for healthly feeling. However, I do have “flare-ups” and must increase the dosage to 10 mg for a few days and then slowly taper off to 5 mg.Lately the flare ups are more frequent and I find that I do better with 7 1/2 mg daily. I try to reduce the dosage but do better on the higher dosage. I am concerned that overall I am not feeling as well as I should. What should I do to improve my health? I am 84 years old. Your comments please.



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Posted by @bloombagel, Nov 5, 2011

i have just learned that imay have this disease. i am 73 and planningto travel. howdoes ths affect airplane and long car drives or a visit to a beach for a couple of days. thanks for any return and the best of health to you


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Posted by @cliff, Nov 29, 2011

I’ve had the disease for nearly one year and I too, like Wm above, have flare ups. Hadn’t really thought of temp increase in medicine. Great idea! Is anyone having a connection to weather? Cold for instance. This is my first posting.

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