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Polio Patients

Posted by @doghansen, Dec 28, 2011

Hello, I am a new member to thsi group. I am hoping there are some polio patients out there with experiences to share with me. My sister is 59 years old. She had polio 6 months prior to the vacinne coming out. She is paralyzed from the waste down. Otherwise in good health, she now has post polio syndrome. She walked on crutches and braces for many years, but now is in an electric wheelchair. She drives and lives alone in a condo. OK, two weeks as she was coming down a ramp outside of a building heading to her van, she missed judged the curb cut, and went down the curb instead. Her chair stops and she was catapulted in the air. She land on her right knee and other than a few cuts and bruises she is ok. OK, she crushed her femur. They can’t do surgery becuase she is too high of a risk and they were afraid the hardware would adhere to her bones, et.c, etc….So, they put her in special immobilizer which resembles her old braces…..and they hope!!!! she can self heal. Now, I cannot believe with all of her hollow bones, and the density, not to mention the osteopedia that she will ever self heal!!! Worse case scenario we were told is amputation. She does not know this yet. Anyone out there with a similar experience…I have thought and thought about it, and believe in the end amputation will probably be the best best…because now, her femur is smashed into her knee cap and her leg sit straight out…I doubt it will ever bend again. Sorry for the long post…please anyone with experience or expertise in the area, advice is greatly appreciated. My fear is that they will let her try to self hear for six months and then come back and say, “Guess what it didn’t work, now we’ll amputate…..” To me, that is cruel.



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Posted by @artisticgypsy, Jan 27, 2012

I am a polio survivor myself and I am so sorry to hear about your sister’s unfortunate situation. Coping with post polio syndrome is enough, let alone having to cope with this fall she has experienced. I hope that there are other polio survivors out there who sign up here at the Mayo Clinic and can hopefully be of some support. Wishing you all the best.


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Posted by @comedychris, Tue, Jan 17 6:30pm

I joined this group for my lil brother first i wanna say all of u hang in lil brother was found in the snow almost dead but it wasnt his time he is loosing all ten of his fingers due to frost bite he didnt have health insurance so thr hospital sent him home and said let your fingers fall off and throw them in the trash so if any one know a center to help thank u Private message me

Colleen Young, Connect Director

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Posted by @colleenyoung, Tue, Jan 17 7:42pm

Hi Chris, welcome to Connect. I’m glad you found us. You’ll notice that I removed your phone number. It is safer to share your personal contact information by private message.

Did your brother have polio? When did he lose his fingers?

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