PN & Phantom Youth: You, too?

Posted by Ray Kemble @ray666, Sep 20 10:39am

It happened again yesterday. I’d driven across town to have coffee with a friend. My handicap tag allows me to park in a designated spot in the rear of the coffee shop, leaving only a short distance to manage on foot from my Jeep to the shop’s front door; nonetheless, I struggled, on guard the whole way. My friend and I sat at a quiet table and enjoyed our usual one-hour chat. Still seated, but knowing that the time was approaching for us to go, I began to focus on my legs, letting them silently know they’d soon have to carry me back to my Jeep. Focused as I was on my legs, I began to fantasize that my legs were in great shape: no PN, no wobbliness, no weakness; that when I rose to go, I’d find that my legs were in great shape: 100% A-Okay, and that if I wanted to, I could skip to my Jeep. Crazy! Of course, when I rose, my PN was right there, waiting for me, causing me to struggle between shop and Jeep once again. Does this happen to you, these moments of phantom youth, when for fleeting minutes or seconds you imagine yourself as you once were, able to do most anything – shop without having to cling to a shopping cart, descend a handrail-less staircase without fear, follow a mountain trail while admiring the view and not wishing you’d played it safe and stayed back at the cabin? I have these moments of phantom youth. They used to make me blue. Now I just smile and get on with my day.

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Nice attempt at Visualization, Ray. Maybe some mystics can make that work but for most of us, no such luck.


Ah, yes! It's not so much visualization as it is forgetfulness. In fact, it's entirely forgetfulness. What happens is – if I've been sitting for a while, chatting with a friend, watching a movie, reading a book, most anything that takes my mind off my PN, I'll simply forget that I've got it – until I stand to go! The instant I get up, I'll find my PN has been there waiting for me all along. So, it's visualization, as a mystic might do, be plumb forgetfulness; short-term distraction would be another way of putting it. Lord knows I'm no mystic! 🙂

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