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Posted by ktgirl @ktgirl, Jun 8, 2021

I have just been diagnosed with PN and I work full time at a convenience store. I work an 8 hour shift with a 20 minute break. A lot of time on my feet. What are your thoughts on how this affects my PN? I only have numbness in my feet and the lumpy feeling on the bottoms of my feet. I just had surgery on my elbow and have been off work for about a month. I can't say I notice a lot of difference in my feet. I don't have as much tingling at night now since I'm off of my feet. I'm going back to work on June 11th. It will be for four hours a day for a while and gradually work up to 8 hours over the next few weeks. I haven't had a follow up with my neurologist yet after the tests last week but initially it sounded like my neuropathy is not a type that progresses quickly. Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

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Hi @ktgirl, It's a good sign that you don't have pain along with the numbness. I have had my PN for well over 25 years and only have the numbness. My initial thoughts on 8+ hours on your feet are to make sure you have a comfortable pair of shoes that support the feet and keep your legs and feet moisturized with a good moisturizing lotion. Keeping the skin healthy and moisturized will help since the peripheral nerves are near the surface of the skin and it's a good thing to keep it from drying out. There are a couple of other discussions you might find helpful while waiting for responses from other members on their thoughts.

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Thanks I have checked out those discussions. I have trouble finding shoes that fit. My feet are kind of crooked with the arthritis. I always get calluses on a couple toes that are really painful. I soak them nearly every night but they don't improve. I went to a podiatrist and he worked on a corn on one of the toes and that seemed to make it worse. Not sure if he damaged something or what. That was a year or so ago.

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