PN after surgery?

Posted by martame @martame, Apr 28 12:07pm

I have had hip and knee replacements and developed mild neuropathy in my feet.
Then I had foot surgery and came back from the hospital with my feet on fire and pins and needles and thats my new normal.
Has anyone else experienced this?

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I've had pins and needles in my feet because I have an autoimmune nerve condition. But I had ankle surgery and December of last year and the pins and needles burning in my toes began and it's so hard to walk and then my ankles start to swell and my feet start to swell


@martame and @greathealth963 I'm sad to say that there are quite a few others who have had neuropathy complications following joint replacements or surgery. If you want to scan through the search results you can learn what others have shared -

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