Pleomorphic Sarcoma retroperitoneal area

Posted by whitt @whitt, 4 days ago

My husband has stage 3 Pleomorphic Sarcoma in the retroperitoneal. 3 weeks before he started radiation, it was almost 9cm at the largest part. A week and a half ago, the tumor had push his liver duct shut and they went in and put a stent in. They first told us it was a slow growing cancer. A month later when his liver started failing, we found out it almost doubled in size. He has no margin space and it’s wrapped around his aorta and vena cava veins. They say it’s inoperable now. He’s had 3 radiation treatments as they are attacking this viciously. He’s so sick and weak. How hard is it to shrink this type of tumor? What are the chances of shrinking it away from the main veins?

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