Please help me understand Calprotectin and GI Inflammation

Posted by dominik3144 @dominik3144, Nov 24, 2021

Dear all,

Any guidance, suggestions, and information is greatly appreciated. My GI has been off for the past few months with relatively inconsistent and loose stools on a regular basis. I completed by labs and bloodwork last week and received all results yesterday. I reside in California, and am in the Scripps medical system. All labs and bloodwork came back normal, except for calprotectin, which was 67 ug/g. According to the lab, the normal range is 50 ug/g or below.

I am an epidemiologist and I suffer from SEVERE health anxiety. My primary care physician has not responded to my calls or emails, which heightens my anxiety even more. I understand that my calpro level is not extremely high, but my anxiety spins out of control.

I would be most grateful for any thoughts or feedback on my calprotectin result. In addition, any advice on dietary or lifestyle modifications would be useful.

Warm regards and thank you in advance,


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Hi @dominik3144, it's so common to be anxious about abnormal readings of lab tests. This is exacerbated by you're being prone to health anxiety and that it's the holidays. Let me tag a few members who may be able to offer some insights about high calprotectin levels and or GI inflammation like @astaingegerdm @artist01 @dval and @fourof5zs.

When will you be able to review the results with your doctor of GI? Are you following a diet to help reduce the loose stools?


Calprotection is a measure of gastrointestinal tract inflammation- not specific. It could reflect an infection as well as illnesses like Crohn’s.
Reading up on importance of the level of calprotectin, I found that your level is not an indication of any severe disease at the time the sample was taken.
I hope this information will help until you hear from your doctor.
Have you had a colonoscopy recently?

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