Breast reconstrution: Anyone also have a breast reduction?

Posted by frogjumper @frogjumper, Feb 19, 2023

So I see the plastic surgeon next week to hear what he has to say about surgery.
I currently am almost a C cup and I am being told I can do lumpectomy but was wondering if I could do nipple sparing double mastectomy with fat transfer reconstruction.
What I was wondering was can I go from a C to an A and be almost flat? I would actually prefer to be almost flat chested.
Also has anyone had this done? And with mastectomy do I need to worry about Lymphedema?
What is the follow up to double mastectomy, do you still have mammograms?
And lastly what is the recovery period for this?
Just checking to see if anyone has had this done and can give me more information, thanks in advance for any input 🙂

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I am under 5 feet and my breast size were quite large -- beyond DDs. After the first lumpectomy showed the margins of tumor excised, the surgeon needed to go back to take out more tissue. In the meantime, another tumor (neuroendocrine) was found on the opposite side of the same breast. When I was taken back to surgery, I opted to have what the surgeon called partial bilateral mastectomies with nipple sparing. I thought it should be complete mastectomies, but she explained that that has changed over the years as even with complete mastectomy, one can still have breast cancer and that complete mastectomies can cause lifelong nerve pain. I did experience some nerve pain in the beginning (like electric shocks), but the surgeon explained this was the nerves regenerating and that went away after a few months -- thank goodness!

Following the partial mastectomies, I've gone down to about a size A plus. I have no regrets. There are days when I go without wearing a bra -- I can even sunbathe topless in our backyard pool!

Any time a breast lymph node is removed, you can be subject to having lymphedema or axial webbing (cording). While I have not had lymphedema per se, I have had the cording problem several times. However, with working with a physical therapist with knowledge of breast cancer surgeries, that has been handled well. When it starts up, I wear a "swell spot." I also continue to do the twice weekly exercise program taught by our PT Dept specifically for breast cancer surgery patients. I am a Kaiser Permanente patient, but I believe these exercises are taught by other medical facilities/programs.

As far as recovery period, it does take a while following surgery because you will have drainage tubes in place. I had these for about a month and to get me through, I crossed out each day on the calendar -- it was like a challenge for me! Also, I could not sleep in bed for a number of months but we were prepared with a LazyBoy chair with an electric button so I could tilt back and sleep well in that.

Between surgeries, chemo, radiation, aromatase inhibitor medication, your stamina may change. I get fatigued a bit more easily but I walk every day for exercise as well as garden, but I do take rest periods as needed. My family knows when I see I need a moment, they carry on while go and sit for a bit. I don't regret having the partial mastectomies - they've allowed me to wear normal clothes and actually sleep on my stomach for a change.

I don't regret the decision for partial mastectomies at all. All the best in your choice of how to proceed. Everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to their treatments.

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