Pituitary Tumor appointment at Mayo sooner

Posted by cinderellis @cinderellis, Jun 6 8:26pm

Our son has been having hormonal issues for 4 yrs. His cortisol is high, LH high, fat around his breasts, arms, back. Brain fog, headaches, vision issues, memory loss, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, high estradiol & lack of enthusiasm for work and most anything. We just got an MRI and he has a Pituitary tumor . We begged our GP to give him a referral to get the MRI. Nobody wanted to put him on hormones since he was only 26 yrs old when first diagnosed with low testosterone. He works out, does a gluten free diet and keeps gaining weight. Now 4 yrs later he's worse and we now know he has a tumor. (Micro) We see him slipping daily.
We got him an appt. at Mayo Jacksonville but not until August! He is getting worse by the day and we are trying to get him in sooner. He has an amazing job, travels the world but he can hardly work now. Is there anyway we can get into Mayo sooner? Please help!!

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@cinderellis, I'm sorry to hear that your son's condition worsens by the day. That must be very alarming for him, you and the whole family. I recommend calling Mayo Clinic's appointment office in Jacksonville to see if he can be seen sooner. If he is able to travel, might there be an appointment sooner at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN or Phoenix, AZ?

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