Pituitary gland and hypoglycemia

Posted by bumble81 @bumble81, May 20, 2020

Can problems with the pituitary gland cause hypoglycemia?

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As you likely know, hypoglycemia occurs when your blood sugar (glucose) level falls too low. There are several reasons why this can happen; the most common is a side effect of drugs used to treat diabetes. However, certain adrenal gland and pituitary tumor disorders can result in a deficiency of key hormones that regulate glucose production and lead to hypoglycemia.

Do you have a pituitary tumor disorder?


Im not sure what's going on. My endocrinologist is going back over my MRI to take a second look at it due to it's increase in size. We did determine I have elevated Beta-hydroxybutyrate without elevated blood sugar on top of things.

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