Physical Therapy with or without pain medication?

Posted by bushy @bushy, Mar 12, 2020

I medicated last week before my TKR Physical therapy session, and I found I was better with all manipulations/flexion, etc. Thoughts?

@bushy Welcome to connect you where right in medicating with pain meds before exercise. Actually pain meds help heal also and you by exercising after this moved the pain meds where it was needed so keep that protocol up


@bushy I am not a medical professional, but if it helps then I would think it's the best thing to do. I never took medication before PT, although the first time I had it I probably should have. That therapist had me literally screaming at some points!
The orthopedic surgeon I used for my second TKR insisted on gentle PT so I was never put through that much pain.


@bushy: If it helps you, by all means take some pain medication before PT. When I had my first shoulder surgery (repair of rotator cuff, removal of bone spurs, severing of 1 of my biceps tendons) I was encouraged to do that. However, since I valued my independence – as in driving myself – I never did. My therapist group is very much tuned into each individual patient, so even without pain medication they kept the ouch factor within reason. Another shoulder surgery, knee repair surgery, and finally TKR – all without pain pills for PT, and even post-surgery pain management at home max 9-10 days of opioids in each case….. worked for me.

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