Peripheral Neuropathy: bad reaction to pain and antibiotic meds

Posted by lgpn5094 @lgpn5094, Mar 10 8:14pm

Have small fiber idiopathic PN. I take Gabapantin 600mg per day. I Went to dentist and had two terrible reactions to medication: 1) 800mg ibuprofen OK for 3 days, then trouble walking, then unable to walk or get off the floor. 2) Antibiotic Clindamycin OK for several days, then very sharp pain in one calf and I could NOT walk without a cane due to pain. Anyone experienced hyper reaction to these kinds of drugs?

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I now check all safety precautions, google, neurologist, internist.
KEEP in MIND - Always Check for medication complications when used with Gabapentin, including antibiotics and pain medications. We have learned some the hard way.

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I have been taking Gabapentin for 8 years and never thought about it being a problem.My Dr. refuses to refill my Meloxicam.He says its really bad.I had been taking it for 8 years also.I guess i better do some more checking on my drugs.


Also NOTE: this includes drugs we took SAFELY BEFORE starting GabaPentin.


Cymbalta,doxycycline, and 2 more that i can't think of right now messed me up from my talking and walking so bad.I did call prescribing dr's and told them how it was acting and they said to quit.

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