Peripheral Neuropathy and the Spine

Posted by JohnWBurns @johnwburns, Sep 16, 2016

I have an advanced peripheral neuropathy with symptoms being far worse in my lower extremities. The neurologist and rheumatologist have said that the root cause of the neuropathy is Sjogren’s Syndrome and that is being treated with mycophoenolate with results pending as far as potential improvement of the neuropathy.
However, I also have stenosis issues and some doc compression in my cervical spine and my lower back and I am sure that an aggravation of either or both worsens the peripheral neuropathy. When you get into spinal issues a lot of voodoo emerges since the symptoms can be all over the place. In my case its clear that if I sit too long, especially driving, my lower back pain and stiffness will worsen and will peripheral neuropathy will worsen in conjunction. Conversely, if I walk too much, especially under load as in uphill, my cervical spine pain and stiffness will increase with impact to peripheral neuropathy less easily correlated.
So, the subject here is to link spinal issues and peripheral neuropathy symptoms and to be vigilant about how one affects the other.
As an aside, being overweight is, as usual, going to impact the spine by increasing the mechanical load. I’ve gained about 30 lbs in the last few years and that has made things worse in all domains. Very difficult to lose it.
All input welcome, thoughts, observations, opinions…


Ditto! Severe thigh pain beginning side top of leg down to knee both legs. Worse at night and interrupts sleep. I use a pillow between my legs and that helps until my shoulder rings in. On 2400 mg of Gabapentin and find it helps. When I wake my calves have muscle spasms for at least an hour and have anKle heel pain. So walking to get my hot lemon water is my goal. Wish you well and seeing Doc Monday. I will share my visit. Take care.


The burn feeling can be overwhelming. My MRI showed a sac at the base of my spine that had a particular name. I can’t remember what it was called but it was explained to be that it had spinal fluid in it and needed to be watched. It has been 2 years since I have repeated the MRI.


I have a brother who has numbness in both of his feet! Dr says it’s Neurororpathy! He has a very bad lower back issues! Isn’t this coming from his lumbar region?

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