Peripheral Neuropathy

Posted by seniordon09 @seniordon09, Nov 1, 2019

I've had peripheral neuropathy for many years now and I have tried all the medicines and have not had much pain relief in my feet and toes !!
I've been to numerous doctors and came away with no answers !
I'm getting to the place where it is hard for me to walk and I fear that I will not be able to walk soon !
I'm looking for answers !

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If you find the answers let me know. I gave up on gabapentin. I am using CBD CREAM 10000 and it helps. I have the same fear and have given up on the doctors. I have book I am reading on the subject. It is basic and describes the symptoms. I do not think the medical doctors know how to help us.


@seniordon09 you might want to read through the following discussion and learn what others have tried that has or hasn't helped them.

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