Perineural Cyst at L5-S1 is causing debilitating neuropathy pain

Posted by all4myhealth @all4myhealth, May 31 11:45pm

I am dealing with debilitating pain in my legs, feet and especially my toes. Multiple MRI's and Ct scans shows perineural cysts between L3-L5 S1. The largest is located at L5S1, the pain has become unbearable.
Mixed responses from my doctors to the causes of the pain and if the cysts are responsible for the change / intensity of the pain, varies dramatically.
When reviewing the Mayo clinic outline of nerves effected by L5 and S1 they are a road map of the areas of pain that I am experiencing. Has anyone else had similar issues with regards to Cysts ? Has anyone had cysts removed or drained to relieve the pressure on the nerves and gotten relief?
The loss of the ability to drive my car, walk, sleep or stand to cook a meal have changed my life. Each day that passes the intensity of the pain changes and I am fearful that if I do not address this sooner then later I may not recover from the damage.
Any input is greatly appreciated, if you are experiencing this my prayers are offered for you.

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I had an L2-3 calcified synovial cyst removed via laminectomy which was sitting on my spinal cord. The difference is dramatic. I can walk 2 plus miles. Sitting is improving- maybe 45 min.


@all4myhealth I wanted to welcome you to Connect. I am a cervical spine surgery patient. I think you can connect with members discussing Tarlov Cysts if you join this discussion.
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