Pelvic prolapse and back pain

Posted by Darlia @darlia, May 6, 2022

I'm trying to find out if having bladder, rectal and vaginal prolapses is what's contributing to back pain including pain that feels like sciatica. Looking for some facts.
Thank you

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Hello @darlia. I am actually wondering if the correlation may stem from weak pelvic floor muscles, as prolapse and low back pain are known to both stem from that. Here is a link to the Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Program that may give you more information that could be helpful.

- Mayo Clinic Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Program in Minnesota:

Have you researched pelvic floor muscles previously?


I have read up on this because I am supposed to have surgery to fix it. One of the symptoms of this condition is lower back pain


I had pelvic/rectal prolapse a yr ago and had to have surgery to fix it but there are many different options yo have it fixed just depends on how severe it is. I seen a urologist for it and the recovery was 6-8 weeks. Then I did some pelvic floor physical therapy.


I am interested in this question.


Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am also interested in this topic.


I am prolapsing in all three areas like you and use a type of ring pessary during the day and remove it at night. I have a vertebrae that pops out a bit and can cause some sciatica.

I don't think my prolapse has anything to do with my lower back pain, which I attribute to poor posture and a lack of core strength and tone.

When I sit correctly and do floor exercises, I don't have the pain. I also can't sit forever without moving around and walking a bit.


I had bladder prolapse surgery 30 years ago. Successful surgery with recovery about 6 weeks. No lifting, straining, etc., normal no-no’s after surgery.

Last year I had rectal prolapse surgery. A more difficult recovery. Recovery 8 weeks. Once recovered, I had to use vaginal dilators to get back to normal size vaginally. What an ordeal. Still have issues in that department. I almost think my surgeon repaired things a bit too well. Very tight. But the prolapse is gone and it was worth getting it fixed.

Neither condition caused me back pain.

Good luck to you!

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