Pause in radiation treatment

Posted by deemoy1 @deemoy1, 6 days ago

I have taken 28 of 45 radiation treatments for prostate cancer. I am also getting hormone injections of leuproglide every 3 months for two years. However, I have had to pause my remaining 17 radiation treatments for a few weeks due to rectal inflammation causing excruciating bowel movements . Will this delay in treatment affect the outcome?

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Just my comments here. I only received 28 RT THERAPY treatments. DONE. I had ZERO butt problems. Cuz the docs injected SPACE OARS jelly in front of the rectum/ colon. Every three months I get TRELSTAR injection in my butt. so .., PSA is < .01. Hope this helps. Had stage 4 PC from agent orange.


Did you actively decide not to get something like spaceor or bioprotect? Did you have the discussion with Your radiation oncologist about margins and types of radiation machines to minimize exposure of healthy tissue? Did your doctor offer five Radiation doses or were you not qualified for it?

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