Participation in clinical trials.

Posted by windsorchris @windsorchris, Mar 31, 2021

I would like to participate in clinical trials for pirenzepine as "special use" meaning although I do not qualify due to my diagnosis (non-diabetic). I am advised that if my physician can complete an application to allow me to qualify for this therapy without being in the study. Can anyone tell me how difficult this is and likely for my dr. to help in this process? Thanks

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@windsorchris I noticed that @johnbishop had mentioned a clinical trial referencing pirenzepine so wanted to mention him here in the event he may have more to share on this topic.


@windsorchris - There is another discussion where I posted a link to Mayo Clinic Rochester clinical trials which I think are mostly for people with CIPN but I'm not sure. My own personal opinion is that it will not help to get your doctor involved in the process as researchers are looking for patients with specific conditions to qualify while you, I and others are just looking for something that gives us hope. I learned this when trying to get accepted into a stem cell therapy clinical trial for degenerative arthritis in my right knee instead of a knee replacement. The age range was up to 70 years old and I was 75 at the time. I emailed the researcher to request being added anyway regardless of age and told him I felt like I was 65 but he wasn't buying it. So I went deleted his reply and went on with life. I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask and I would be one to ask anyway but I just wouldn't get my hopes up.

Here's the other discussion if you want to read through it.
- Mayo Clinic and Idiopathic Small Fiber Neuropathy Research:

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