Paresthesia like symptom after mastectomy

Posted by susiebeard @susiebeard, Jun 29, 2019

For the second time since mastectomy in Jan. 2016, I am experiencing paresthesia like symptoms in the scar area where breast was removed. It presents as an itch that comes and goes with great frequency. Has anyone else experienced this? It resolved before, so I am hopeful this will also resolve on its own.

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I had two lumpectomies and a partial mastectomy on one side and reduction mammaplasty on the other side. The breast surgeon had advied me to massage the areas as well as use calendula cream on the skin. Prior to both surgeries, I was also advised there could be paresthesias due to the nerves being cut. I am fortunate that I didn't get that, but have had over this past year stinging, needle-like feelings which the surgeon said is due to nerve regeneration. I also now have a painful ridge under the affected breast as a result of radiation treatment and am hoping that eventually softens up, but time will tell.


Hello, @susiebeard – I can imagine this paresthesia like symptom — the itching coming and going with great frequency — would be frustrating to experience after mastectomy. Great that you've connected with @trixie1313.

I'd also like to ask a few other members who've shared about having a mastectomy to join in this conversation and share whether they have had similar experiences with paresthesia and any resolution to it, like @dawn88 @marybe @huey @oilermama @patsydanley.


I didn't have a Mastectomy, my Radiation Oncologist suggested Aquaphor Healing Ointment and Breast massage. I've not experienced a lot of itching.


Hello @susiebeard. I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Yes, I had itching and stinging pain off and on along the scar area. I was told it was the nerves regenerating. My surgeries were about 4 years ago and I seldom have those feelings now. Hope yours improves soon.

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