Parasites in stool?

Posted by lucyna @lucyna, Nov 3, 2023

I’ve been having sharp pains in my mid abdominal region. Usually I know this means I will have loose stools. My stool was very watery. As I was about to flush I noticed some floaters. I collected a few to get a better look. I do not recall eating any food or substance that would be this small or with similar characteristics. HOWEVER, recently cooked ground venison that was prepackaged. I cooked it well and I inspected it before cooking too. My boyfriend says he is fine and he eats what I eat. What could this possibly be? And where should I drop off my specimen so I can r/o parasites? The white little beads are soft and the contents inside are white. I feel like these are way too big to be parasitic eggs but I’ve never had them before. Please help.

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My husband used it once because his GI didn't want him to go off his Blood thinner
It came back negative, but his PCP said he didn't like them because to many come back false positive.
If cancer runs in his family, which it does, he wanted him to do a colonoscopy. It just means my husband would need to go off the blood thinner for one day and GI doctor would need to be extra careful.
I've had IBS my whole life and I've never seen anything like this. Good luck and please follow-up with your doctor.


Absolutely! It won't be too much 🙂


Everyone's digestive tract is different. I know of many who can tolerate foods that give me trouble (bacterial, fungal, parasitic, you name it).

Cooking to the FDA/USDA recommended temperature is important.

(Just a left-handed guess, but those white things could simply be pieces of the venison meat. Our family eats venison and it could be fat, cartilage, etc. unless it behaves/looks like parasites per Dr. Google.)


I guess that not everyone gets the red meat memo at the same time? Many have received it directly after a colonoscopy.
Finding a cancerous polyp or colon tumor and telling your surgeon that you eat venison, is a conversation that you will always remember.
For that matter, any gastrointestinal problems ...

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