~ Panic, full-blown major anxiety ~

Posted by amberpep @amberpep, Oct 12, 2017

Hi everyone. This is a particularly bad morning for me …. immediately on getting out of bed major anxiety was waiting for me – full blown. I thought I’d jump out of my skin. I took care of my cats, took my meds. and had breakfast …. still not much improvement. I was in a group at the local hospital in MD – an outpatient group which met 5 days a week for 4 weeks from 9-3 …. oh I wish I lived there so I could hook back in. You had to have been referred by your doctor, or have gone to the ER for extreme anxiety and/or depression, which is what I did. A girlfriend took me, I was unfit to drive. I couldn’t stop shaking. When I got there, they put you in a stripped down room with a bed, overhead light (no cords), and a dresser, and then it is a day full of analyzing by Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, over and over again. And of course their final question was “do you feel suicidal.” Of course I said no, but that was not exactly true. So on that basis they had me go home and the following week I started in this group …. it was made up of about 12 of us …. people like me, a gay man with his “wife”, several people who had just been released from the hospital, several bi-polar people, all sorts of folks with all sorts of problems. By the end of the 4 weeks I hated to leave …. for the first time, except for my therapist, I felt heard, understood, empathized with and cared about. I sure wish I could go back, which I could if I lived up there, but … I don’t.

@amberpep Panic is a frightful thing. I, personally have grown weary of being labeled. I also have chronic pain. Feeling suicidal is a standard question and they ask this to keep themselves safe from any type of legal action. I am sorry you you are feeling alone and, mayhap, w/o support.

Hi Abby, @amberpep

I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a difficult day! How terrible that must be. I appreciate your letting us know how you are doing and being honest with your feelings.

Will you keep posting with us today?


@amberpep Hi Abby, I know we don’t really talk, well we use to a little bit a while back, but I do see some of your conversations with members in my email. If it’s something important to me I listen in. I just wanted you to know that what I have learned in my short time from being on the Mayo site, is that I don’t think any of us are really alone unless we fail to check in with each other. You are definitely not alone! There are so many people here that care about you and how you are doing. Please remember that.
Maybe you can find another group in your area? I just wanted to drop in and say hi and put my 2¢ in, for what it’s worth. I hope the rest of your day goes more smoothly, and when you need to, just drop in. I don’t think we’re any of us going anywhere soon. We’ll be here.
All my best Abby, Judy

@amberpep — really sorry to hear anxiety is plaguing you so much today. If you still are feeling like that, do consider calling your doctor or going to the ER so they can give you a short-term anti-anxiety med or help you in some other manner.

Dear Abby, @amberpep

Just wanted to check in with you. How are you doing today?


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@amberpep T’was rather wondering the same. Anxiety is a dastardly affliction. Only those of us experiencing thus are enabled to grasp the concept. Take care,


@amberpep T’was rather wondering the same. Anxiety is a dastardly affliction. Only those of us experiencing thus are enabled to grasp the concept. Take care,

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Re : anxiety . I had 4 Ketamine infusions three weeks ago , one each day .. I don’t have anxiety anymore . I don’t know how long it will last but it’s been a God send for me. Hope someone will get a benefit like I have gotten by my revealing my treatment .

WOW! This sure is an oldie!

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