Pairing Phonak hearing aids to iMac 24"

Posted by campo @campo, Apr 18 8:57am

Help! Has anyone had any luck in pairing the Phonak RT90 hearing aids with the iMac computer? With the iPhone 14 pro, not an issue.


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I have new Phonak hearing aides, but I don't have an imac 24. I do have iPhone14 which pairs with my new hearing aides with no problem.

I did find this on the web which might help:

Why can't i pair my Phonak hearing aid?
Check if Bluetooth® on the smartphone is activated and that the hearing aid is on.
Make sure that the hearing aids are in Bluetooth pairing mode and have adequate battery power. For Bluetooth pairing mode, turn the hearing aids off and then back on.
They will stay in pairing mode for several minutes.
Hope this helps.


WOW! so far so good. Now the 90RT Phonak are paired to the iMac and the Phone.
This makes such a difference as my ability to understand speech is next to nil.
Now I have these four biggies:
Hearing aid connected to t.v. … not blue tooth
Hearing aid connected to iPhone 14. … blue tooth
Hearing aid connected to iMac 24" … blue tooth
Hearing aid connected with T-coil
Every thing will be turned off tonight. Keeping fingers crossed that connections will still be made in the morning.
The key was your suggestion to turn off the hearing aids and then turn back on to put the hearing aids in a pairing mode. A very big thank you!

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