Painful lump/spots after lumpectomy not going away?

Posted by lhwoz @lhwoz, Apr 18 12:37am

Hello all

I am 10 weeks post last surgery (ILC
with lumpectomy and then re-excision).

I have had some painful spots since the 1st surgery, and then in general a larger tender spot under excision. I've been told that one is a seroma, but I am experiencing sharp pains, tenderness dull aches in these spots. I just finished radiation (and also got a nice case of shingles early on during radiation). While I am dealing with the skin irritation/rash its also these lumps that are sometimes so painful.

Has anyone experienced this? Do I reach out to my surgeon and press the issue? In early days I was told scar tissue under excision, seroma etc…Could it be my remaining clips/scar tissue are not healing as they should?

Any input from those of you who have had lumpectomies is appreciated.

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I had painful serums on both sides after lumpectomy. One went away after a few weeks from draining. The other took 2 months of packing at the Dr's office every day and put of my radiation . After radiation I had burns and the hospital had me use Covidien Xeroform Petrolatum which was expensive but worked wonders. Around 3 months afterwards I got Lymphodema which was very painful since many of lymph nodes were removed.. I went to OT for a month and now wear compression bra, do stretch exercises every morning, and massage 2ce a day. If you had any lymph nodes removed, do keep an eye out for lymphodema. Good luck.

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Oh my this is a lot to go thru but your info is so helpful. I appreciate you sharing. My MD is going to order and U/S of seroma bc she wasn't 100% is was seroma v. Scar tissue and then if seroma and justifiable they might drain it. Will see.

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