Pain getting worse

Posted by casper15 @casper15, Feb 6, 2019

Hello I’ve had to try to get new re-sources for my chronic pain that is increasing like crazy now. Does anyone have tips on how to make it be right in the front where you can’t think of anything else.

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It's difficult without knowing the source of your pain. It seems the Dr's belief in exercise like gentle yoga,walking,stretching. I have had chronic pain for 36yrs I know how hard it is.I love walking but am now having low back and knee problems so am trying swimming but that aggravates my love back if I overdo it. There are days I don't want to get off the sofa but I know that's the worse thing to do So I would love some tips too.


@anniebrook I have same back ,knee ,fibromyalgia problems Some things I do I go to therapy several times a year I'm in it now for back ,let problems She gave me certain exercises to do. There are certain ones you do so I,m in P T I had to get referral from my Dr Other things I do listen to your body if it's tired don't push it you can do more harm Ice,heat,hot shower Tens Unit Tai Chai Chair exercises are best for me .Hope some of this helps .Best to you .


I hope you live in an area that has community acupucture (much lower cost than private clinics)or you have insurance that covers acupuncture. What has saved my sanity as my pain worsens, as it will, is to get weekly acupuncture to maintain, twice a week with a minor flare up, three times a week with serious 10 level pain flare ups. I can live with the results--managing a level 3-4 as base line pain, walking for 10 to 20 minutes, or some days just getting off the sofa and walking around the house, dusting this and that, straightening a picture, opening a window, dusting a lamp, just moving and doing every 45 minutes. Since I do spend lots of time in a chair, I watch great Netflix shows to distract me, read, and meditate to new age music. Yoga and stretching at night, a very very light series of movements, even when it hurts, just stretching into the pain very lightly, and finally, CBD oil in both pill and balm form (the only part of my treatment that costs a lot. ) Never give up, just know we are fighting a losing battle called life and try to enjoy the day, the birds, sunbeams, plants, pets, phonecalls, facebook, whatever you can do to stay engaged in life. Love and prayers, Peggy Boyter

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