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Posted by tiff817 @tiff817, Oct 28 3:08pm

I'll try to be brief. I'm not sure if there's even any hope. I've struggled with chronic uti for years. More recently I've had dizzy light headed spells, heart palpations, shortness of breath, and so much pain! My joints just ache especially my shoulders. My rib cage hurts constantly. Sometimes it makes audible popping sounds. I'm so exhausted all the time I can barely get out of bed some days. I've suddenly developed food sensitivities, almost everything makes me break out in rashes and have difficulty breathing. I've lost weight very rapidly in recent weeks. I feel like I'm just wasting away. My labs are not remarkable, my last ekg was abnormal but not bad enough to be referred to a cardiologist. Even my teeth are disintegrating. Nobody can figure out what is happening. Can Mayo Clinic help me?

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Have you tried going to an immunologist? You may have some type of autoimmune disease. I had no idea that I had one until my labs showed a low IgG level, which is not that remarkable but if you have a very good immunologist in your area, I would recommend going to him, or her and see if they can help you..


Copy everything you wrote in the post, and copy it into the "Request Appointment" window on the home page. You will get a response.


Your one comment about your teeth is important. If you’ve got poor nutrition and poor dental care and your teeth a rotting the subsequent debris from your teeth may be causing some of your issues? It has been clearly shown by science that poor dental care and decaying teeth can harm our gut biome as well as our hearts. You have a plethora of symptoms that you need a good GP or a seasoned female nurse practitioner as well as a good dentist.

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