Outer ear infection

Posted by hellothisisrae @hellothisisrae, Nov 3, 2018

Hello. I've been having ear and jaw pain and went to see a doctor 3 days ago. He told me that it is an outer ear infection and prescribed an ear drop as well as antibiotics for me. The pain disappeared after 2 days or so however, my ear becomes very itchy whenever i use the ear drop or shower?????? Can someone tell me why does my ear itch so bad whenever water or ear drop gets into my ear????

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Hi, @hellothisisrae. Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I've had an outer ear infection before myself, and the pain was very intense.

I'd like to invite some others who have talked about ear infection to this conversation as you look for some answers to why your ear is becoming very itchy when you use the ear drops your doctor prescribed or when water gets into your ear. Please meet @carlavan @sean_mj @ninimurphy @kaykay22 @atthewall @kdo0827. I trust they will have some thoughts for you. @jenniferhunter may also have some input.

In the meantime, I thought you may be interested in this article on Mayo Clinic News Network about outer ear infections: https://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/prompt-treatment-clears-up-most-outer-ear-infections

@hellothisisrae – what ear drops were prescribed for your infection? Did you by chance get to look at the insert that came with the drops or look it up online to see if this may be a side effect of the medication?


Thank you so much for your help. Since my ET & jak2 positive diagnosis and told to google my disease I feel somewhat bewildered. My first ear surgery was in 2016 for a perforated ear drum (cause unknown) it was a Tympanoplasty. Shortly after, about 2 weeks I started getting infections which would go from viral to bacterial. Treatment was always ofloxacin. The ENT at that time told me after 6 months that there was nothing more he could do and would refill my script as needed. When I moved to Missouri, the infections were still going on every couple of months. I found a great ENT who treated me for about 5 months and decided surgery was the only solution. He did a total reconstruction, removing the mastoid bone and creating an ear drum. I felt so good. No pain, I could hear some and was starting to heal and the infections started again. First viral then bacterial. He hadded Ciprofloxicin-hydrocortisone to my drug regime and recently put me on Fluconazole Tablets. The drug Hydroxyurea 500 mg has my system so messed up I don't know where to turn next.

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