Alternative therapies for prostate cancer. Other points of view.

Posted by stuckonu @stuckonu, Jan 5, 2021

I don't think it's just prostate cancer. It seems that treatment may be regionally common therefore different in California or Thailand than Mayo Clinic or other facilities.

If I'm allowed to speak for myself and say up front that I'm not suggesting or professing one treatment over another I’d like to simply say that doing a world wide search opened my eyes to a vastly wide range of choices and options.

I had heard of this major prostate cancer facility in the Tampa area of Florida. I was anxiously ready willing and able to travel if this treatment served me. I investigated and this doctor group basically did one type of treatment and admittedly invested millions of dollars into their facility, equipment, and advertising.

I asked several times about stem cell and immunotherapy and was told they knew nothing about those treatments. I cancelled my appointment to do more research and found several alternative treatments and a TV program that ill look for and post here.

I have been tested regularly since 2016 and have not done anything radical or major except some dietary things which made big difference in my spa and symptomology.

More later.

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It sounds like you are doing well, yes I know the effects of Lupron very well. I am taking the RSO every evening in the hope it supports the Lupron and keeps me stable really I would be happy with that. I did stay away from chemo, radiation and surgery. I chose FLA because in my mind it was the least invasive. I hope things work out for you however after radiation I don't believe FLA is an option for you however the RSO would be a very good support what you are doing. Lots of info on the internet. Best wishes for you!

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Thanks Ken, that was informative for the readers. I have been using RSO now every night going on 3 years and first used when I was first diagnosed in 2014. I am taking Lupron now for about 30 months and have been using RSO all that time also. It really helps with my sleep. I sleep through the night no bathroom breaks and it softens the hot flashes although I still gave chill spells also. I am in Canada so getting RSO is not a problem. I do have a treatment guide but not sure how I would get it to you since they don’t allow emails or cell phone numbers. I guess I could just post it here if you like.

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